Global Poverty

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The website HumanProgress tracks improvements in global well-being. “Evidence from academic institutions and international organizations shows dramatic improvements in human well-being. These improvements are especially striking in the developing world.”

Decline of global poverty – Global poverty has been declining fast for decades (at least), especially in those regions with greater economic freedom. For details, Press Me!

Spending cuts and economic growth – Miracle economic turnarounds in the past have followed from government spending cuts. For details, Press Me!

Wages, hours, and labor conditions –  Real wages, hours, child labor, and general labor conditions were already improving before the era of labor legislation in the United States. For details, Press Me!

Cuban food – Cuba solved its 1990s food crisis by adapting without the Soviet Union’s support. For details, Press Me!


Rwanda – Liberalization of Rwanda’s economy, especially its coffee sector, since 1995 has helped to alleviate poverty, empower individuals, and contribute to reconciliation. For details, Press Me!

Botswana – Botswana has risen from poverty to sustained economic growth, while liberalizing its economic policies. For details, Press Me!

Electronic money transfer – Innovations in electronic transfers of money have connected and enriched people in the third world. For details on such innovations, like EcoCash (in Zimbabwe) and M-PESA (in Kenya), please visit the section, “Electronic Money Transfer” here.